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We offer an entry-level qualification for those wanting to enter the field of Education, Training and Development, specifically in the area of Eerly Childhood Development.

Those receiving this qualification will learn how to facilitate the all-round development of young children in a manner that is sensitive to culture and individual needs and will work in a variety of contexts from schools to homes and ECD centres.  

 By the end of the course, our learners should be able to 

  • Plan and prepare for Early Childhood Development.

  • Facilitate and monitor the developmenet of babies, toddlers and young children.

  • Provide care and support to babies,  toddlers and young children and guide their caregivers. 

This qualification will provide a means of formal recognition for those who are already practicing in the field, but without qualifications, as well as those just entering the field. It will also provide a basis for further professional development for those who have had limited access to career development. 

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